With these five exercises you will overcome your frustrations and feel more peaceful in your marriage than before.

With these exercises you will...


how to communicate your love language frustrations to your husband.


the confusion in your heart about why you feel unloved by your husband.


how to recognize when you and your husband are in a love language rut.

Each Exercise Includes:

  • Steps you can do to help you move forward in your marriage.
  • An audio version of each practice so you can listen on the go.
  • Scriptures to Pray including and specific prayers over topics like intimacy, communication, and expectiations.
  • Journal space for each day to track your progress.

What Readers Are Saying...



“Gloryanna writes honestly and hopefully about marriage in the midst of challenging seasons, especially in the very real struggle of parenting young children. Her eyes are always on Christ, and I have learned so much from her perspective on putting marriage first in both big and small ways. I’m grateful for her wisdom and the beautiful way in which she shares it!”



“One of the things I love most about Gloryanna is that her words speak so much truth and is so encouraging. Marriage may not be easy, yet she has a way of getting you to look past your situation, circumstance, or your husband and look to God. Showing us that by growing closer to God we are
also growing close to our husbands and strengthening our marriages.”



“Gloryanna has a unique voice that combines encouragement with exhortation and that priceless “me too!” moment. Her writing has helped me feel less alone in my day-to-day marriage struggles, and I’m grateful for her spiritual insight.”

Sneak Peek Inside the Book

Hi! I'm Gloryanna!

I spent years in my marriage searching for how to overcome unmet expectations. Through my journey I have learned it's not about how to fix your marriage, but about how to grow in Jesus. I am not the hero of this story; Jesus is.

Read here to learn about how this book came to be and how I found an intimacy deeper than I thought possible--first with God, then with my husband.