What If God Has Been Speaking To You About Your Love-Life All This Time?

I'm talking to the women who claim to "believe in the Lord in all things" and "walk in the ways" of the Lord...

We count our joy and our blessings to the new love in our life.  We feel free.  We feel alive.

That is until things begin to go south.

Then our so-called "angel sent from above" suddenly ghosts us and pretends that what we had been nothing to him...

... Yet he was everything to us.  Everything.

And sadly for some, the relationship goes too far (well into a marriage and/or divorce) without fully understanding what went wrong.

So when we feel alone again, and utterly heartbroken, we lean on the belief that God did this.  God failed us.  He brought us a man and it didn't work out.  Again.  But why???

There must be something wrong with men.  Or you.  Or God.

Have you ever felt this way?  I know I have.  After every single breakup.

I urge you to please reconsider these thoughts.

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