Emails not performing?

 It could be any of the following reasons:

  • They are not even being delivered
  • Subject line doesn’t make people click
  • Content is boring or not relevant to your subscribers
  • There are too many ideas in one email
  • There are too many CTAs (Calls-to-Action) in the email
  • CTA is not clear or confusing
  • You jump two steps ahead (and try to sell)
  • You send too many emails
  • You don’t send enough emails
  • You don’t have the right subscribers

Sandy Watson

Content writer, Freelancer

Writing content for newsletters is a task that is evaluated considering the sales it generates. This checklist helped me improve the quality and efficiency of the emails I wrote.

George Stanley

CEO/Founder at BMO

Before I got this checklist, I constantly used to forget something in my emails. Plus I was not even aware of certain elements that make a big difference when it comes to email performance! If you are an entrepreneur like me, you definitely want to use this checklist for all your future emails.

Sandra Gunner


I've recently discovered email marketing and I was just about to quit it because it seemed to go nowhere. Now, with this checklist, things seem so simple and my list is growing bigger and bigger every day.

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