Hey Girl Coaching

"You got this. Pinky promise."

Have you written a rad romance novel (or three) that you're dying to share with the world? Have you considered your options and decided indie publishing is the bomb dot com? Or maybe you've already published a few (dozen) books and you still feel a little lost. Would you like someone to give you no nonsense results-based advice and hold your hand through the process?

I can hear your "HELL YEAH" from here. I've got you covered.

As a USA Today bestselling author with a broad network of colleagues and over five years of experience in indie publishing...it's safe to say I've seen some shit and bought the tee shirt.

But first, let's be real. All the information I have to give you is widely (and sometimes freely) available on the internet. You can join the groups, take the workshops, read the blogs, attend the seminars...just like me. But that takes time.

I'll cut through the noise and we'll work together one-on-one. Over the phone, via email, by carrier pigeon. Whatever works best for you.

We'll talk covers, blurbs, vendors, websites, marketing, social media, ISBNs, VAs, goal setting, back matter, cross promo, newsletters, pricing strategy, that thing your friend told you about that sounds super cool... And if that seems like a lot, you're a smart cookie. It is.

And it's only scratching the surface.

But, like I said. You got this. Pinky promise.

Want to learn more about my coaching packages? Drop your email addy in the little box below and I'll be in touch ASAP.


-Shari Slade


PS. As a bonus you'll get my handy dandy "Are You Ready to Launch?" checklist for indie publishing first timers.

Molly O'Keefe

USA Today Bestseller

Shari Slade is a force of nature. Calm, compassionate, knowledgable and endlessly supportive. She knows the ins and outs of a tricky business and will guide you through them with total grace and enthusiasm. Calling Shari will be the best decision you make today!

Annika Martin

New York Times Bestseller

Shari is so smart about the book business. She knows what works and what doesn’t and she gives it to me straight. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Alexandra Haughton

Romance Writer, Romanced by the Cover, and Co-Founder of HBIC Nation

I’ve been texting and emailing “Hey Girl” to Shari for years. She’s my secret weapon as I march through publishing’s battlefield, and I am incredibly lucky to have her on my team. Shari’s advice is always just what I need: tough love with a side of hair-petting.

Skye Warren

New York Times Bestseller

Shari Slade is a smart and compassionate voice in the romance community. I trust her advice.

Andie Christopher

USA Today Bestseller

Shari armed me with more information and useful suggestions regarding self-publishing than several years of workshops. After an hour-long chat, I had a list of easily implementable action items, tailored to my series.