To all you beautiful souls - Join me for 5 days for your FREE COURSE

Manifesting Abundance can sometime allude many, but we do live in an abundant universe and everyone is deserving of abundance, not just the elite few.

Ladies it is time to tune into your divine feminine in order to manifest abundance in every area of your life. The power is within you.

If you would like to learn the secrets on how you can manifest abundance in your life, some support and much needed guidance you are in the right place.

Day One

Love & Abundance

Day Two

The Unseen "Stuff"

Day Three

Powerful Blocks

Day Four

Clearing & Cleansing

Day Five

Open to Receive


Intuitive Reading

Are you in flow with the shift?

We are living in a time where we are being called to our true souls' purpose. The energetic shift that is happening on this planet is calling us to awaken and act. Being able to manifest abundance is part of the healing process

Are you:

  • Sensing that there is more to life than this
  • Know that you deserve abundance
  • Struggling to manifest abundance
  • Need some spiritual guidance
  • Have an inner calling to do more

Then sign up for this FREE 5 day course with a bonus card reading.

Yvonne J Douglas

Yvonne J Douglas is a Starseed here to heal on deep levels.  Due to her lived experience of overcoming deep trauma of various kinds, Yvonne can empathise and help you get to the core to allow you to heal, rise and shine your authentic light with no apology.

Along with her natural spiritual gifts, training as a Sekhem energy healer, some Shamanic practices and crystal healing as well as her formal training as a qualified Counsellor possessing a BSc (Hons) degree; Life Coach Practitioner, Results Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP and Subconscious Reprogramming, Yvonne is an expert in the field of healing and transforming lives.

Yvonne's clients leave her feeling transformed, empowered, rejuvenated, happy and fearless, reporting permanent results after working with Yvonne ready to live the life they were destined to.