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What coaches are saying about Courtney Bentley

Sarah Ahzeezahn

Personal Trainer

"Amazing is an understatement! Courtney has helped me discover a lot about myself and has taught me how to get over certain blocks in order for me to really achieve my goals. The things I have learned from her, I use every single day and it’s drastically changed my life. If you’re looking for an empowering life coach, mentor, or a moon goddess high priestess, I highly recommend my friend, Courtney! She’s the best!"

Samantha Rodgers

Personal Trainer

Courtney is an amazing coach! Her coaching has taught me so much and I have already made such progress not only from within but with my business. Stepping into by own, leveling up, and spreading my message. For the first time since running my business (5 years now) do I feel focused, supported, and like I can actually succeed! Thank you, Courtney, for coming into my life, I am forever grateful!

About Courtney Bentley

Courtney Bentley

A personal trainer for over 10 years who has transformed her passion for helping women achieve fit bodies into a passion for helping female coaches discover their messages and make an impact on the world.