Thank you for your interest in Survive & Thrive Cancer Recovery 2 Day Conference.  Survive to Thrive Cancer Recovery, is a grassroots cancer awareness and recovery program.
This conference is a personal mission of mine because on November 13, 2015, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  Hello there, my name is Shannon Griffin and I am a breast cancer survivor.

From the beginning of my diagnosis, I have promoted self-care and perseverance and putting your health first which will assist with a better outcome for survivors and their families.  And through my personal recovery, I am helping survivors and their families navigate their recovery to thrive.

Most importantly, this event's focus is to raise funds that will assist those battling cancer with needed help with paying the co-payments, so survivors don’t have to delay or forgo treatment.

Would you like to help with that?

If you can't tell by the smile on my face how extremely excited I am about bringing Survive & Thrive Cancer Recovery two day conferences to Houston, Texas this year. We all know that cancer is not confined to just one region or one demographic, so this year my goal is to bring in speakers that will help rejuvenate the Mindset, Health, Wealth and Recovery. Because if you didn't know, cancer treatment is very expensive to treat and will deplete resources during recovery.

As expected, this event is going to be amazing for everyone in attendance. Our goal is for you to leave with a renewed purpose of self-care and a profound mindset shift that will IMPACT your health wealth and recovery. 

In order to make this possible our financial goal is to raise $45,000 to help 10 survivors cover the cost of their co-payments so they don’t have to forgo treatment because they didn’t anticipate cancer treatments being an expense they had to prepare for and to enable to continue provide this event at an affordable price points survivors and their loved ones can attend at no cost.

I believe that together we can give them back what cancer has tried to strip away and help make it better for survivors and their loved ones to renew their mindset, health wealth for a better recovery.

There are several ways our sponsors can help and everyone we know will now how you made this event happened through 

All you have to do is say "Yes We're In" and your yes will help survivors thrive. We have partnered with Ashes2Beauty that will receive proceeds to help bring breast cancer awareness to the community in the form of supportive services and reintroduce the patient to survivor as the new self-sufficient "U".

***Your Sponsorship Will Make A Difference ***


My Dedication To A Survivor:

Survive & Thrive Cancer Recovery will always to dedicated to my dear freind Sharon Rose who passed away during on April 27, 2018 during the planning of the second event. "The Cancer Fighter". She battled cancer and transitioned with God.

I will never forget her and I dedicate Survive &Thrive to her. Her strength and courage to endure the harsh side-effects of chemo to be with her family and friends. We will miss your smile and your spirit.