Picture Perfect Photos (in just 3 days!)

Photography Basics for Bloggers, Etsy Shops & Biz Owners

Learn how to improve your photography by creating a step-by-step system that will save you time and yield amazing photos you could only dream of!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018



What's this Webinar About?

Photography Equipment * Editing Tools * Developing a System

Taking amazing photos for your business doesn't have to require a 6-week intensive photography course OR hiring a professional!

In this webinar, you'll learn how I developed a system that allows me to edit my photos in just minutes. Plus, you'll see how I improved my photos- and you can too!

Who This Webinar Is For

  • Small biz owners looking to improve their photography
  • Shop owners trying to make their product photos pop
  • Bloggers trying to develop their own photography style
  • Instagrammers looking to step up their game

Who It's Not For

  • People who want to keep doing the same thing and expect different results
  • Aspiring wedding photographers or portrait photographers
  • Anyone looking to photoshop themselves beyond recognition
  • Puppies- they don't have thumbs and don't make for great photographers.

What you’ll learn:

This webinar will cover the very basics you need to learn to improve your photography. Things like...

  • Photography Equipment and Editing Tools
  • Finding Your Style (& Why It's Important)
  • Depth of Field, Sharpness, and White Balance Basics
  • Lighting Basics & Composition
  • Editing Techniques & Basics That Take Your Photos from Meh to WOW
  • How to Save Time on your Photography–and STILL Have Better Photos!

The main takeaway for this webinar will be how (and why!) creating a system for your blog/biz photography is THE way to go. Honestly, the amount of time you'll save and the improvement of your photos will truly be life changing! Imagine what you could do with more time AND better photos?!

Why should you even care about this?

Tired of seeing the same old stock photos around the web? Yea, so are your clients/readers.

Wish your photos could be nicer with more accurate coloring? So do your customers! They may even be finding your products and loving them (YAY!) but purchasing from another seller with better photos (boo!)- even if they cost MORE!

Or, maybe your blog is up and coming, but you can't compete with the big name bloggers, secure brand partnerships, or even grow your blog without better photos.

Sound familiar? This webinar is for you!

Meet your new photography BFF.

Hey, I'm Cathy- a lifestyle blogger at Party HarDIY. I create vibrant DIY projects, party ideas, and home decor. With a need for better photos, I developed a system for quickly and easily editing photos that look professional and fun. This allowed me to work with brands like Oriental Trading and guest post on blogs like Giggles Galore.

Taking your own photos doesn't have to be hard. For instance... see that photo up there? That goofy one of me with a shell cup? Yea, I took that myself, in a spare room of my house with subpar lighting! And I'll be teaching you how to do the same, so that all your pics (no matter the subject!) can look amazing.

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Cathy Cardona


Hey, I'm Cathy! I'm a lifestyle blogger at Party HarDIY. I love crafting, photography, hosting parties, and hanging out at home (#couchpotato). I'm a mom to 3 cats, soon to be momma to a baby girl. Teaching others is my passion, and I can't wait to host this webinar!