Perfect Your Russian With Vladimir Putin

Learn Russian through authentic speeches and interviews of the most powerful man in the world!

Why Russian with Putin?

No, this is not propaganda, it's all about language. Vladimir Vladimirovich is famous for being an excellent speaker: he exhibits clear pronunciation, a speaking pace that is not too fast, and very idiomatic and expressive speech. So, why not to take advantage of learning from the most famous Russian native speaker on the Planet?


This Course Is For You If:

  • Your level of Russian is A1+

  • You are constantly searching for quality authentic video  materials with subtitles to broaden your Russian vocabulary and improve listening and comprehension skills;

  • You mostly learn by yourself and are in need of "all inclusive" course to study at your own pace;

  • You would like to have an opportunity to ask questions and get professional support when needed

What's inside?

Authentic Videos With Subtitles in Russian and English

Together with Vladimir, you will go through plenty of everyday topics and learn some commonly used, idiomatic expressions. 

All-inclusive Units Perfectly Fitted for Self-Study Mode

Each unit contains:

  •  detailed VIDEO explanations;
  •  word-by-word breakdowns of grammar and vocabulary;
  • lots of illustrative examples, downloadable PDF practice worksheets;
  • Russian verbs conjugation and usage tables;
  •  additional listening exercises;
  • interactive quizzes and tests

Professional Support and Help

You can study at your own pace, but at the same time ask questions and take part in the discussions in the closed, course-related chatroom and attend live Q&A sessions

Learn Anytime From Anywhere

Our Course runs on any device type, so you're not locked in and can choose the best and study anytime from anywhere where there's an Internet connection!

Ready to start right NOW?

Here's what included:

* some lessons are still in progress and will be added soon


"I have a PhD in teaching Russian as a foreign language and more than 10 years of hands-on instruction experience with students all over the world. I am in tune with how you learn. I teach in a way that makes sense to YOU.
My aim is to make you feel inspired and motivated while learning Russian and, at the same time, to help you in building a REAL solid foundation for the language. No leaves without figs, just proven teaching strategies based on the inner logic of Russian and authentic contexts".

What Will You Learn?

3 Most Famous Vladimir Putin Quotes

  • Quotes historical background
  • Quotes Vocabulary and context
  • Quotes Grammar

Tea With The President

  • How to offer drinks in Russian
  • Conversational usage of Genitive Partitive
  • Diminutives in Russian

Likes, Deslikes, Hobbies and Sports

  • How to speak about your favourites things in Russian
  • An ultimate guide to the usage of ЛЮБИТЬ and  НРАВИТЬСЯ
  • Winter sports and games 

Speaking about women


  • How to speak about family and close relations in Russian
  • Russian Instrumental Case in Use
  • The difference in usage between short and full forms of adjectives

Let's improve your Russian together!