About Your Instructor

Melody Wilding, LMSW

I help high-achievers like you to overcome the emotional challenges of success by mastering your psychology.

With my background as a licensed social worker, I have the skills and methodology to help you get unstuck, let go of your self-sabotage patterns, take back control, finally establish healthy work-life integration, and more.

Something I’ve learned in with working with top-performers — from CEOs and authors to fashion designers and finance execs — is that looking like you have it all figured out on the surface does not equate to feeling that way within.

Instead of maintaining the flawless impression you keep up on the outside, it’s time to take care of the negative self-talk and nagging fears going on inside, so that you can stop pretending to be happy and actually feel that way instead.

If you’re ready to break away from your self-doubt, I've put together this 5-day email series to help get you started.

I hope you'll sign up -- because don't you deserve to enjoy your success?