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Packed with Details!

45! gross motor skills including all the important "bridge" skills that no one else is teaching you about!

So Easy to Follow!

Organized by position to show you how each skill connects to the one before and after.


 Each page has a side column so you can fill out the age and date YOUR baby achieved each skill!

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Serin Carrie

Mom of newborn

"These checklists are great...I know exactly what to expect next in my daughter's development, and what to work on if we're falling behind."

Misty Maruska

Mom of 9 month old

"I wish someone had given me these checklists sooner. Now I know what to work on at home so my daughter can walk soon!"

Melissa Ricker

Mom and Blogger

Wendy is so knowledgeable. These checklists are easy to follow and you won't miss a single step with your baby's development."

About the Author

Wendy Rohin, DPT

Wendy Is a mother and a pediatric physical therapist with a doctoral degree and over 10 years of experience working with preemies, infants and older children with all different abilities. She absolutely love working with babies and is passionate about helping new moms and dads not only survive but THRIVE during baby's first year and beyond!