Have you spent more time selflessly focusing on others and neglecting yourself in recent years? 

Are you more 'Hunter's Mum' than Jane, the woman who once skydived and built a business?

Are you a nurse, carer, or other selfless professional who spends all day focusing the wellbeing and happiness of others, but there's no time or energy left at the end of the day to return the favour?

Have you lost touch with who you really are deep down inside? 

Do you know who you are, what drives you, and how that affects your actions and thoughts every single day?

Do you know what you want in life and why?

If you don't know your answers, then the (Re)Discover You course is for you!

As a personal development coach, and especially as a busy empire-building mother of 2, I see so many women who have forgotten themselves over time. Mums, patient nurses and kind care workers who give their all for the wellbeing and happiness of others but have no time left for themselves at the end of the day. Whilst this is beautiful, selfless and admirable, it is a long term recipe for disaster. You need to make time not only for self care but to just be you. But you can't do that until you know who 'YOU' is!

The (Re)Discover You challenge is a complete get-to-know-yourself awakening course over 7 days. During those 7 days, you will:

  • You'll get the chance to explore who you are at the core. 
  • You'll explore your values, your strengths and most importantly your weaknesses. 
  • You'll discover your thought patterns - both positive and negative - on various topics.
  • You will find out what you want in life and your motivations behind wanting those things - because this is what will actually get you achieving those dreams you have! 
  • You will get the chance to be honest with yourself about your life satisfaction, you will then be able to locate where in your life you feel unfulfilled and what you are missing. 
  • You will explore your personality types and how that influences your every day actions
  • You will have the opportunity to create a vivid picture of what you want for you life - and what you don't want - so you can go forward in alignment and make it happen!

And you'll learn even more about yourself when you get going - more than I can predict right now! Because once you turn the revelation tap on, it's hard to stop it flowing!

I know from first-hand experience what it is to deny yourself. To focus on others and neglect yourself for months on end. And I know what it's like to finally crack and hit rock bottom; to find yourself so far away from who you really are. Ive been there and Ive got the t-shirt to remind myself everyday that I AM IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE! I am in control - not at the mercy of the world and others in it - and so are you! I know that you can change your life at any moment and that you too can start living the Life you Love and Deserve. 

And the first step is to (Re)Discover who you are - deep down, where it matters; where it drives you. 

Who you are deep down inside, your True Self, influences every aspect of your life so it is time to take back control and start living and acting in alignment with who you are and what you want, for a happy and fulfilling life.

And I can help you to do this ... in only 7 days ... and for FREE! 

That's right, it will cost you absolutely nothing but some time on each of those 7 days to complete the exercises which will bring your True Self out of the darkness and into the light.

The (Re)Discover You challenge starts on August 21st and runs for 7 days. Each day you will receive an email containing an intro video and some exercises to complete. You can also join my the Live the Life you Love Facebook group where there will be additional information and resources, and you'll get to be part of a growing group of decisive women who want to Create and Live the Life they Love and Deserve.

Do your future a favour & sign up to the (Re)Discover You course NOW!

Time left to sign up ... before you miss out!