Hi, I'm Miralee and I'm an holistic therapist specialising in working with families and children who are experiencing anxiety, stress and other related symptoms which is affecting their health, wellbeing and approaches to learning which is adversely affecting their desired outcomes.

As a former cancer sufferer, I also work with individuals who and have been diagnosed with a disease or illness and are having conventional treatment but wish to complement their protocol and medications with a completely safe, effective and deeply relaxing form of treatment. 

As your Reiki practitioner, I have been trained to perceive and interpret where your need for energy is, to then determine the course of treatment in where to focus my attention on and how much of the treatment to spend at differing areas of the body.

Reiki works to detoxify the body, dissipating blockages and disruptions to the natural flow of healthy Ki (life force energy) within the body, be that in a specific organ of the body or the emotions of a past sadness, trauma or current state of stress.

Reiki energy works with the energetic disruptions in the body but it also works with the thoughts that are negatively influencing such disruptions. During a course of Reiki treatments the correct vibrational frequency of energy is progressively layered into an area of imbalance to promote natural flow of energy and correct function.

Low levels of life energy and restriction in energy flow are considered to leave one open to illness.

Receiving Reiki builds a reservoir of this life energy in your physical body, as well as increasing correct flow, aiding vitality within you. This smooth uninterrupted flow of Ki energy is the basis of health and wellbeing (from an eastern view of medicine).

I sense energetic imbalances and blockages and this energetic picture of you provides the structure of the actual Reiki treatment itself, highlighting where you need Reiki at that specific time.

Your pattern of imbalances and blocks in your flow of Ki come from various sources including your physical challenges, emotional loads, fears and stressors which all go to creating your individual ‘energetic’ signature. So your need for and the benefits of Reiki are totally unique to you.

During a Reiki treatment you will absorb the Reiki energy you need. You may feel a sensation of heat or tingling. Many report immediate benefits such as improved sleep patterns, feelings of greater calm, clarity in thought, or feeling very relaxed. The benefits of Reiki are on many levels, some of which you can be aware of, others are more subtle but no less important to personal growth, healing, health and wellbeing.

Although many have found that Reiki has helped them with specific conditions and disease, it can be helpful to look at Reiki from a view of yourself as a whole person, with key benefits being including relaxation, dispersing stress, reducing anxiety, promoting balance and inner calm, supporting your body’s natural healing capacities and your personal growth as a whole. You may find that the actual benefit from Reiki can be more subtle, such as calming your mind and supporting your intuition to guide you to make certain decisions in your life.

Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, working at a deep level of consciousness to support your health and wellbeing.


About Miralee

Miralee is a former Headteacher of a London primary school and previously worked successfully as an OFSTED Inspector. During the summer of 2009, Miralee was diagnosed with breast cancer and whilst she undertook conventional treatment, she was committed to complementing her treatment regimen with a range of holistic therapies and worked successfully with an energy healer and coach. 

As a direct result of her successful healing journey, Miralee now works as a therapist and has devised a series of programmes and services which includes reiki healing, stress management, diet, relaxation techniques, mindset healing and meditation to support those in similar circumstances with cancer, disease, stress, anxiety and a range of life limiting illnesses.

Miralee Askew

Teacher, Tutor & Energy Healer

"Through Energy Healing, I can assist you in aiming to combat disease and focus on balancing the essence of what you really need to do to help you achieve powerful results.

I really look forward to hearing from you!

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If required, our session details can be written up for your convenience! Your optional report will:

  • Summarise the main content of our consultation so that you can relax throughout!
  • Include relevant feedback for you to consider and action with ease!
  • Have specific recommendations and safe ideas for you to include on your path!
  • Contain images and clickable links to save you time with your research!
  • Assist you in boosting and accelerating your progress!


Miralee is based at the following clinics:

The Treatment Rooms, 1619 Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9LF


The Sutton Coldfield Health Clinic, 5 While Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1ND.

Home and work based appointments are also available.

Message Miralee for more details.