A Free Email Course For Equestrians

Have you ever wanted to reach a certain level in your riding but didn't know what you needed to do? Or maybe you’re not sure how to progress in your riding? Or hey, maybe you’re having to go it alone?

No matter where you stand, if you want a little more guidance in your riding, Ride Smart + Focused is for you.

Whether you have a trainer or not, Ride Smart + Focused is a 100% free 5-day email course designed to teach you how to create, set, and achieve your goals in the saddle.

While the course is free, the content is invaluable. In developing RS+F, I’ve worked with several British Horse Society-certified professionals (and one AQHA/APHA pro) so these principles are vetted and pro-approved no matter what discipline you ride.

Over the course of 5 days, Ride Smart + Focused will cover:

  • A quick self-audit – you’re going to assess your skills as a rider so you can see where you stand.
  • How to set goals – you’ll lay out a basic foundation for your riding goals using methods I swear by.
  • Go from zero to achievement – create a detailed, actionable plan to achieve your goals.
  • Set up a tracking system – we’ll take a look at 3 methods I love that you can use to track your progress.
  • Prepare for setbacks – having a plan laid out in advance will help diminish the initial terror when you hit them and help keep you on track because, hey, you planned for this!

At the end of the course, you’ll also receive my Goal-Driven Riding + Training Toolkit, which includes all the emails, an expanded version of the workbook for you to use and reuse as much as you want, and a list of resources to help you out along the way.

So if you’re ready to get to work, sign up so you can get started ASAP.