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 1) Fill out the form on this page with your full name and email address and place a check in the opt in box and check the "I am not a robot" captcha box to verify that you are a human and not a bot.

 2) You will be taken to a Thank You page.

Once there, click the link on that page which will take you to the last page where you can download or print out the secret letter (PDF) that is making this whole system possible. You really only have to print out the order form, if you want to save on ink. Either print out 3 copies of the order form or print out one copy, fill it out and make 2 more photo copies. You will need to send one copy to the address in each box.

Read the entire letter, pick your level that you wish to join at and follow the instructions on the order page.

NOTE: You can always upgrade to higher levels as you grow your business and you only pay the difference in cost between the level you are at when you upgrade and the cost of the new level. So you are not paying the full price of the next level, just the difference. Come in at the highest level that you can as you will only be qualified to earn at the level you hold.

 3) Once your 3 sign up packages are mailed, email the tracking numbers to your sponsors. This is not a requirement but it is a good idea so they can track the package and you have a record of each package as well. Once your payments are received and verified by both sponsors and the company, you will get a welcome email from the company and your welcome package will be mailed out to you. Your sponsors will also send you an email, so keep an eye out for that. If you don't get it, you can send them an email directly for an update.

 4) After you are a verified PAID member, you can ask your sponsor for the link to the Facebook Group - you will find lots of resources and help from the team at this private page, so please get in this group if you are a Facebook user.

 5) If you have any questions or need help with anything, you can email me directly here: or send a text message to: (724) 257-2447 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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 The company knows that when you make money, they make money too. This is why they are going to front the cost to mail out your letters for you - at no upfront cost. 

What does this mean for you?  It means no printing, stuffing envelopes, placing stamps and sending out mailings.. its all handled for you

The average response rate for direct mail is about 3-4% and they have been getting results as high as 6-8%. This is taking off BIG TIME!

That means out of every 100 letters sent on your behalf, you can expect between 4 to 8 new sign-ups... but they will mail a minimum of 200 at no upfront cost to you, so double that response... that's 8 to 16 for that 200 piece mailing.

 NO OTHER COMPANY OUT THERE PAYS THE COST OF ADVERTISING FOR YOU TO HELP YOU SUCCEED... and they send your letters to targeted buyers who are looking for an income from home. Just think about that for a moment and let it sink in! People are begging to join something like this right now.

 You don't have to call people, explain things or answer any questions.. the company does that for you.

 No websites to build, no conference calls, no online membership sites or confusing back offices.

 Leave all this stuff for the professionals to handle... they want you to succeed - because when you make money THEY make money too!

 That means they have a genuine, vested interest in YOUR personal success.
 IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND SOMETHING: Although this is a CASH business, IT IS NOT Cash Gifting - It is a 4 Year Old, Brick & Mortar, Direct Sales Company with REAL Products. Your sales commissions are sent directly to your door when you make a direct or indirect product sale. You are responsible for your own record keeping and paying any taxes on your earned income from this system.

 Why do I feel this is THE Best System In The USA today?

 1) They do the advertising for you - and they upfront the cost - if you don't make money you don't pay!

 2) They have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - ... and get this, in the 4 years that this company has been in business.. NO ONE HAS EVER REQUESTED A REFUND! Because people are succeeding. It WORKS, period!

 3) You can get started for a very low cost, under $100, and scale it to any level you wish. I recommend joining at the 2nd level or higher, if you can. This will get you into profit much faster and you can upgrade to the next level any time you like, by only paying the difference between your current level and the next level cost. 

 4) It has a 4 year OFFLINE track record for success and we just started marketing it online and it has EXPLODED with massive success! So much so that the company has recently had to hire more staff to keep up with all the growth. Is that crazy or what?!! We created a monster! But in a good way, right! : )

 5) They handle all calls and questions - they close the sales for you, so you don't have to talk to anyone if you don't want to.

 6) You can do it OFFLINE - as I said above, it started as an offline business. If you don't like using the computer or just don't have the skills needed to market online right now, then simply let the company do your offline mailings for you or even mail them yourself... the team offers Internet training as well... 

 7) You can do it ONLINE - Or do both. If you know your way around the web, use Internet tools and resources to market this offer to others.. You don't have to buy office supplies, you don't have to stuff envelopes, you don't have to buy stamps or send out the mailings. After you join you can request a PDF of your 6 page letter by emailing the company and give it out to people online and easily send it out in an email as a file attachment.

8) It is a 100% legal system that is run by a 4 year old brick and mortar direct sales business with real products and they are working to get accreditation from the BBB. They also just released a brand new sales letter, plus they added an additional pay level and they are working on adding digital payment options.

 9) Powerful automated duplication sales for YOU - Every new person that joins you also gets a minimum of 200 letters mailed out for them and your name is on those letters to get you paid again. Think about that for a moment.. if you are getting a 3 to 8% response per 100 letters, that is between 6 and 16 direct sign ups for you, plus 200 letters going out for each of them equals 1,200 to 3,200 letters going out with your info in box #3, which gets you paid again and again on all indirect sales without you doing anything. Can you see how this snowballs fast?

 10) It's so simple that anyone can do it and cash is delivered right to your door... I mean COME ON GUYS, who wouldn't LOVE that!


 BONUS # 1 - 10% & 20% Off My Personal Commission For Joining Level 2 or above:

For a limited time only, I am offering a 20% rebate - yes thats money back to you. 

Join at level 2 or higher and I will offer that rebate apon request. So if you came in at level 2 which is $100 to the company, $100 to me and $50 to my sponsor.. you can take 20% off of the $100 you would to send me, which brings that total to just $80.

Make sure you still send the total amounts to box #1 and #3. 

This is an exclusive rebate offer that I give to my direct sign ups only! 

Plus I will snail mail you two more rebate vouchers that you can use for future upgrades to higher levels as well. Simply include one of the vouchers with your upgrade payment (to me) and you save again! 

At this time you will get two vouchers mailed, one for 10% and one for 20% off your next upgrade. You can use either one but it makes the most sense to save the higher discount for one of the higher levels. 


 BONUS # 2 - I may accept other payment methods: (
not in effect yet, ask me)

 If you join me I may also accept the following payments: Bitcoin and Ethereum.  If you wish to use one of these alternate methods, email me first and let me know which you wish to use and I will send you the address.  Keep in mind, you will have to send the company in box 1 and my sponsor in box 3 cash only, unless otherwise offered by them. This offer may change at any time

 BONUS # 3 - 2 Bonus PDF Reports:

 You will also get the following 2 bonus reports emailed to you, in PDF format: 

FREE Report # 1) How to get started in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. You will have every detail you need to start buying and selling Bitcoin and some of the other top cryptocurrencies - This manual also includes lots of resources on the subject, so even if you already have experience in crypto, there will very likely be something included in the report that will be of interest and benefit you on the subject. 

FREE Report # 2) I will include a short, simple, YET VERY POWERFUL wealth generation and money management plan that the wealthy have known and used to save more money, expand their wealth through leverage and tap into the golden rule of "You Reap What You Sow". Utilizing this simple plan of action, you can amass real savings and wealth in less time and even achieve this goal on a moderate income. This report alone could be priceless to you, your future and even your kids futures, if you follow it.


1) You are joining the #1 team in the company, so you will have access to our entire TEAM, private, closed Facebook group where you can always get questions answered and 24hr help. This group is only open to members of our team, so you must be a member first before you will be able to gain access. 

2) You will get access to two more team leaders for even more support... Alex and Michael, who are both millionaire Internet marketing earners! 

3) You will get access to Michael's AMP (Affiliate Marketing Pros) members only site that has tons of training, including a secret YouTube "video ranking" training, which can show you how to get your videos rank on first page for your keywords -- it was recently recorded at a live seminar where every attendee there paid $995 per ticket to gain access.. you get it free as a member of our team

4) In the team leaders members only site, you will learn How to get free leads from Craigslist, How to effectively promote offline using direct mail (from a 6 figure offline earner), plus so much more being added to the groups all the time.

You will get all of this, plus my exclusive bonuses at no extra cost when you join me and the # 1 Team In The USA for this system!

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What others are saying about this system

Robert Henry

I have been earning my full time income online as an Internet marketer since 1996 and I have seen just about every system, program and opportunity since that time.  I have learned a lot over those decades and I understand what it takes to be successful. This system is something the average person can do... even if they have never earned a dime online before. I have never seen a program grow so fast and help so many new people, like this one has. I look forward to seeing you inside.

-Rob H.