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In 1830, a treaty was signed. In 1830, hearts broke. Tears fell on the long journey for twenty thousand. The Choctaw Nation was forced to leave their homelands to preserve their people. But they could not save them all.

For this collection of short stories, Choctaw authors from five U.S. states come together to present a part of their ancestors’ journey, a way to honor those who walked the trail for their future. These stories not only capture a history and a culture, but the spirit, faith, and resilience of the Choctaw people.

"This book is a milestone of fictional and historical Choctaw storytelling that exemplifies the value of Native knowledge through literary arts." 

--Keevin Lewis, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian

"A strong representation of the Choctaw Nation and Native people as a whole, Touch My Tears presents a time period fading in American history. You did not learn these things in school. But you can now."

--Susan Feller, president of the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums

"This book reflects the joining of courage and endurance that defines a great nation. I cried in many places, sometimes it seemed more than they cried for themselves."

--Lisa Reed, editor of the Biskinik, Official Publication of the Choctaw Nation

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