Discover the PRO secrets to:

WRITE more professionally.

Make your writing more EFFECTIVE.

CONNECT with your readers.

Find your VOICE.

ENGAGE your readers.

DISCOVER a time/place to write.

Excerpt: When you write, make sure it’s you. Make sure it’s your voice. You’re not Robert Frost or J.K. Rowling, so don’t try to be them.

I’ve read a lot of people’s writing that sounds nothing like them. It’s as if they become a completely different person when they put their fingers on a keyboard.  

I’ve also read a lot of writing that is so real and genuine that you can almost see the writer’s personality in the words they write. That’s good writing. Not necessarily because it’s grammatically perfect, but because it’s real.   

Don’t use words or phrases you wouldn’t say. Don’t try to impress people. Being genuine is way more important. If you have a blog, it’s probably something you’re passionate about. Use that. Focus on that. 

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