6 day course

Day 1: Personal Self Care

We'll discuss the importance of "me time," and how you can get to know yourself better


Day 2: Physical Self Care

We'll talk about how self care also includes how you take care of your body from the inside

Day 3: Emotional Self Care

We'll discuss the importance of positive self-talk as related to self care! + You'll get a FREE positive affirmations printable!

Day 4: Psychological Self Care

We'll discuss stimulating your mind in positive ways + you'll create a happy list! + another FREE printable!

Day 5: Spiritual Self Care

We'll talk about how your spiritual beliefs are related to self care and what you can do to nurture them. + you'll get a FREE prayer journal printable

Day 6: Professional Self Care

We'll talk workplace wellness and how you can practice self care at work, because that's important too!

Download the Entire Course in e-book Format for Easy Referencing!

On day 6, you'll receive the link to download the entire course as an e-book in PDF format. That way, all the information you need to continue your complete self-care plan will be in one place! The e-book also includes a 2 page template that you can use to write down your favorite self-care activities for each domain!