Simplify YOUR Life Templates

Feeling stressed because there's so much to do everyday, and sometimes things on your to do list get missed?

(Or, forgotten altogether?)

Grab these simple to use 'To Do' List Trackers (and more) to take control and get things done that NEED to continually get done!

What's Included:

  • 'To Do' Tracker for Daily Tasks
  • 'To Do' Tracker for Weekly Tasks
  • 'To Do' Tracker for Monthly Tasks
  • Simple to use and Modify Budget Templates
  • Meal Planning Templates to help you stick with your Meal Plan
  • Samples of the above templates can be used

How will these help?

  • They will allow you to stop using valuable memory space and brain power from remembering all the little tasks that need to get done daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Relieve Stress by knowing you got everything done
  • Use your 'normal' to do list for items specific to THAT DAY
  • Allows you to make your own budget and clearly see the money coming in and how it is spent (without a cookie cutter budget plan to follow)
  • Meal Plan a weeks worth of meals by the day (so you can choose which plan to follow each day and stick it to the fridge)
  •  Know all the meals you'll eat in a week, plan your grocery trip, and know what meals/ snacks to prep for