Stand UP for Yourself WITHOUT Guilt!

A [FREE] 5-Day E-Course

You can learn to be honest without fear

Here's what it will be like:

+ One email per day with the info you need + an exercise

+ Learn to identify your fears that hold you back from speaking up

+ Learn what triggers you the most and prevents you from standing up for yourself

+ How to speak kindly to YOURSELF first!

+ What to ACTUALLY SAY when you need to give voice to your feelings


How this E-course can help:

+ You'll stop avoiding important issues that need attention 

+ You'll gain confidence in knowing how to communicate more clearly

+ You won't have to stumble over your words (insert blushing, heart rate pounding sweaty palms) and you'll feel calmer and in control (insert eye contact & a steady voice).

+ You'll find relief in being able to address important issues WITHOUT being afraid of making the other person mad

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