7 day course


It's important for bloggers to establish what they want their brand to be BEFORE they publish their first post. This first part of the course will talk about the most effective ways to incorporate your brand into your online presence. 

Blog Styling

First impressions are everything! Learn how to ensure that the overall appearance of your blog is one that will leave your readers with a great first impression. 


You've written your first (and maybe even 20th) blog post, now what? Find out the top ways to promote your blog, and how to consistently increase your traffic every month. 

Social Media

Learn how to make social media work for your. I will detail the strategies that I use and have worked best. Likewise I will also talk about the strategies that didn't work for me (as the may end up working for you). 


Whether you choose to take your own photos or use stock photos; learn where to get your photos legally. Also, we will provide tips for taking amazing photos that will help your blog stand out. 


Learn about all of the various ways to make money blogging. Whether you want to make only passive income or eventually make this your only source of income, I will provide tips on reaching out to brands and how to monetize your blog. 

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