One on One Tarot Readings


Get answers to your deepest questions without all the smoke and mirrors. 

We live in a world of heightened anxiety.

This fast paced, technology driven world that exists today requires people to move at faster paces than ever. Communications are expected immediately, virtual friendships are formed and broken within days, decisions need to be made with the snap of a finger. The ability to keep up in the races calls astronomical inner strength, and makes life very very stressful.

There's so much worry and anxiety now over whether or not the decisions we make during the day will lead us to success, abundance and happiness. As a result, people shut down. We are too scared to ask out our crush on a date, or too afraid to put ourselves out there to land that special job we've been waiting to open up for the past three months. In the moment it feels so much easier to do nothing rather than to take a risk - all because we are unsure that our actions will lead us to the life we want.

What if I told you the answers are at your fingertips?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear vision on how two scenarios would unfold in the future to help you make a decision? Or how about painting a picture on what a relationship would look like with that special someone?

If you knew what your dream job would look like, and how it would make you feel as an individual, say five years from now... would it give you the courage to go for the interview?

One on one tarot readings let you gain the ability to:

  • Have insight to make decisions
  • Understand the result of specific actions
  • Bring peace and comfort knowing you made the right choice
  • Encourage yourself to keep pushing on a specific path
  • Have a deeper connection with people and the world
  • And so much more!


What to Expect in a Reading

Live readings last 60 minutes and email readings are sent within 48 hours upon purchase
Readings are done via Skype or email
You will receive a recorded audio file in either reading and is emailed to you
Readings are 100% confidential and details are not shared without your permission
Payment is due in advance of your session
Sessions begin with a “general” overarching reading to touch on the main aspects on your life, then we can dive into specific questions you are curious about

Are you ready for this life changing experience?

You're ready for a tarot reading with me if you're a young adult, mature adult or anywhere in between that's going through a major shift in life. You're plagued by more questions than answers, and the constant worry has you crippled by the stress. You have ideas, dreams and aspirations that you would love to see accomplished - but have no clue on how to go about doing it. What's lacking in your life right now is direction, and possibly even the motivation or purpose driving reason to keep you going. You just need someone or something to help give you the push and encouragement in the right direction.

This experience might not be for you if the idea of getting a tarot reading seems like a joke. My goal is to provide real answers and inspiration to real people looking for encouragement and motivation. If you already have a clear understanding on the direction you need to go, or even if you don't feel a connection with me then you should look for a reader you feel comfortable with or continue working on your plan.


Joan and Aamir

Saint James School of Medicine

"Beware! Kate's readings are not for the faint of heart. They are for those who are ready to embark on a deeply personal and spiritual endeavor. This journey is rewarding and incredibly cathartic. So, enter at your own risk and brace yourself for the impact because, rest assured, there will be one!"   - Joan

"A wholly visceral experience, genuinely beneficial."   - Aamir

Kate's Experience with Tarot

I’ve been reading tarot for over 13 years, and professionally reading for 3 years. When I am home in Washington State I provide readings for the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire with positive receipt.

Tarot readings have brought me plenty of comfort and encouragement throughout the years. I began reading cards for myself to help me through the loss of my grandfather when I was 12 years old. Since then, I use the cards regularly to give me guidance on what to focus on in a day, how to plan out my month or my week to bring me the success I'm looking for, give me guidance on my dating life, and even to create a fine-tuned clear cut business plan for my blog.

I enjoy taking a relaxed, easy-going approach to a session. I encourage you to talk or say what’s on your mind and be engaged in the reading - that is how you get the most benefit from it. It’s also very important to me to give you a sense of choice, and options. So when you come into the live reading session you will be given a choice on which deck to receive your session with.

I don’t play around with games, nor is it my goal to try to trick or awe you. It’s truly my passion to deliver the messages and guidance you’re needing, using the cards as the medium or tool.


Saint James School of Medicine

"My friends raved about Kate's readings! I was skeptical at first... but it was eerily precise!"


Summit Homes

"She puts a perspective that you can easily understand.Truly amazing how she was able to help me better understand my current situation.
Thanks Kate!!"


VP at Getting to Green

"I can't wait to book another reading!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I learn about in a reading?

Basically anything. The main goal of a tarot reading is to gain wisdom and insight on any situation in your life. These jam-packed sessions of information help people make decisions, choose life paths, and even build confidence and reassurance in their undertakings. There are five main categories of needs in every person’s life that they need to meet in order to feel accomplished and successful. Here’s a breakdown of each of those categories:

Spirituality: Who am I at my core? What is my purpose?

The tarot give you a snapshot view at who you are as a person in this very moment in your life. It helps you see the areas from your past that shape the you of today and outline where your current actions are taking you into your future.

The cards can show you how you are meant to make a mark on this planet, or if you have an idea or even a clear vision they can help fine tune a actionable plan to help you achieve your hopes and dreams.

Love: What about “The One”? Can you help my current relationship?

Will we have a family? Are we a good match for each other? If you’re looking for that special someone, we can look into the traits and qualities to expect in this person, when they will reveal themselves into your life and how you both will imapct each other. For couples, we can look together at strengths and weaknesses, possible feelings that you are having difficulty sharing or discussing together and ways in which to improve your relationship. Feel free to invite your S.O. to the reading or come in solo.

Money and Career: Will I get the job? Can I find a career that makes me happy and pays well?

This is also useful for Entrepreneurs who are looking for business advice. If you are uncertain about risks to take or challenges to overcome we can look together at the best plan of attack to bring your career and your business into abundant success.

The Work/Play Balance: How can I express myself? Is now a good time to travel?

How can I do well at my job and enjoy life in my free time? How can I express myself creatively? We are all in deep need of feeling a connection with the world and a sense of artistic freedom (whatever the outlet may be for you). We also can look into when is a good time for you to plan your vacation, or where to go to get the most benefit. We use the cards as a tool to help us understand a happy and healthy way for you to meet your need to show the world who you are.

Intellectual Growth: Should I go back to school? Should I take legal action?

Do I need to reevaluate my current situation in life to best benefit my goals? These are the hard hitting questions that require rational thinking, planning, leadership and initiative. The tarot will allow us the truth of a situation so that you have the information and material you need to make the right decision for you.

Will I get the Death card in my reading?

It’s possible. But it doesn’t represent what you think it does. The media has portrayed tarot cards and fortune tellers as people and things that are trying to bring you harm and tell you you’re going to die. To me, that’s just complete poppycock. The Death card in a reading means change and the beginning of a new cycle.

Is this a psychic reading?

Not necessarily. There is intuition involved as I am reading the cards, and every once in awhile random bits of information may pop out of my mouth (that I have no control over), but I’m not going to put on a show waving my hands around a crytsal ball and chant some strange incantation. A lot of clients have told me its similar to a therapy session, without needing to do much of the talking. If you want to talk during your reading, please do!

Do I have to tell you my story?

Not in the slightest. I’ve done readings for people where they haven’t said a single word, and I’ve done readings for people where they’ve talked more than I have. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.

Will it be emotional?

Very possible. It’s very common for me to do a reading for a client and be told afterward that it spoke to them on a deeper level. I’ve had people tear up and some just breakdown into tears. I am more than happy to see that these readings can have such a benefit on people’s lives. Normally, I encourage people to get super comfortable for the live reading or email reading. Find a safe space that's clear of distractions and have items on hand that can help you during the reading. I suggest a glass of water, tissues if you're someone who tears up easily, a comfy blanket or clothes, and a journal if you'd like to keep notes or write down things that you'd like to remember.

24 Hour Refund and Cancellation Policy

Tarot readings are a very special experiece for many people, and it also requires a lot of energy from me to give them. For this reason, I ask that you provide 24 hour advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Refunds will only be granted for readings cancelled 24 hours (or more) before their appointment time.

If there is an emergency or unexpected delays please email me at if you know you are about to be late for our session. The session will be extended 20 minutes to allow enough time for you to get the full experience.

It is recommended to find a quiet, comfortable space to do your live reading session and to have a drink or even tissues on hand.

It is my love and passion to bring insight and guidance to my clients, so I greatly appreciate your compliance with these policies. Thank you!

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Holland America

"Kate's readings are powerful. At this point I go to her every time I'm making a big change in my life. She is able to help me work through the fog of this world. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a little clarity or peace of mind."