Go from Resenting to Releasing to Relating in Just 7 Days

What this free 7-day challenge will teach you

Do you take things people say about you personally? Do you often feel hurt by others? Maybe you observed unhealthy emotional expressions growing up and you are following in those footsteps. Or you hold onto grudges. Perhaps you retain these feelings as physical tension in your body.

Well, it's time to release all that.

You deserve healthy, satisfying relationships with the people in your life. And the way to get that is by moving away from resentment through releasing anger. Then the last piece is exploring ways to relate with others again through communication and connection.

Imagine how it would affect your relationships to live without resentment or to be able to communicate effectively even when you're upset. Can you feel that sense of peace and compassion? This is how you can achieve it:

  • Each day for 7 days you will receive a challenge
  • Some involve the personal work of moving away from resentment and releasing anger
  • Some will teach you how to communicate effectively when you are upset
  • By the end you will be equipped to move forward with kindness and compassion 

Everything you need for success is here.

I grew up with dysfunctional expressions of anger in my childhood home, and I have experienced the ways in which these strategies and skills can improve communication and connection. Through this challenge, we can increase your ability to understand, forgive, and relate to others, and thus improve the health and satisfaction of your relationships.

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