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The Change Game

Play Bigger. Grow.

Bust Out of The Box

The Change Game is a fun, interactive board game that offers a unique and engaging way to tackle a problem or desired goal.

Played individually or as a team, The Change Game stimulates "out of the box" breakthroughs and quick momentum on common problems that surface during change - such as apathy, passive-aggressive behavior, personality conflicts or endless circular conversations. 

Playful format attracts people, yet process cuts to the heart and crux of issues that slow progress.  

Focuses conversation ... sharpens commitment. 

Moves people off the past "this is how we've always done it" or "been-there-done-that" excuses without awkward tension or power plays.

Based on two decades of in-depth culture building and culture change work in large and small companies, The Change Game is grounded in sound principles that underpin positive change.

Fun-spirited play that gets RESULTS.


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Lighten Up! your approach to change

Don't leave your big change to chance!

Available in keynote or team workshop formats

Reveal perspectives you hadn't considered

Let go of attachments to the past

Play YOUR bigger game. It's all about YOU.

About Your Facilitator

Lisa Jackson helps companies foster high performance during rapid growth and change, by aligning leadership and culture to the ongoing shifts and growth in the business. 

  • 18 years’ experience in successful culture initiatives with Fortune 500 companies and Small-Medium Businesses.
  • Global and U.S. experience in mergers, new CEO transitions, rapid growth.

  • Keynote speaker and thought leader on The Modern Workplace: How a unique culture brand out-performs your competitors.

  • Author of 2 books on transforming culture.

  • Revolutionary and change agent, showing leaders how to get people to OWN change (versus accepting forced change.)