Spring is usually the best time to detox so our tips for January are to help gently cleanse the body and help bring it back into balance after the festivities.  January is all about green….and red, orange, blue purple and white.  By increasing brightly coloured, alkalising, low calorie, gentle fibre and antioxidant rich plants we help support our body’s digestion, energy production, liver function and immune system.  It also helps to flood your body with micronutrients.  Aim for half your plate as vegetables at least 2 x day from smoothies, soups and steamed veg.  Warming smoothie recipes are online now.  Watch out for more gentle detox tips by co-founder of Alchemy and nutritional therapist Karen Newby across January.

About the author

Karen Newby


As a nutritional therapist I am very passionate about plant based nutrition which is why I created Alchemy Organic Super Blends. So many of us don’t get enough plants in our diet, and this is where smoothie and juice making can help. Breakfast can effortlessly become a green smoothie, packed with micronutrients to help us feel energised in the morning. It helps to flood the body with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients - the spark plugs which help support energy production, recovery and repair. Vegetable based smoothies and juices are far more nutrient dense than say a slice of toast or a bowl of granola and are also low calorie and full of gentle fibre to help nourish our digestive system. We hope you enjoy our recipes and feel transformed by plants very soon!

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