Imagine having a personalized financial plan for your family. Knowing exactly where your money is going and being able to control it. This isn't your typical "Make a Budget" info. This is an effective plan to help your family create a personalized financial plan so you can achieve all your financial goals! (Like staying home with your kids - or taking that guilt free trip to Bora Bora!)

Did you know that:

  • You don't have to give up the life you're living when you create a budget (total myth!)
  • Having a financial plan actually gives you more freedom in life
  • It's never too late to fix your money problems (even if you think so!)
  • Money is the number one cause of stress in relationships (having a financial plan can fix that!)
  • Achieving your financial goals (like being a stay at home mom) starts with a financial plan

Stop making your money problems worse. There's no gain in waiting to deal with your finances. You can keep ignoring your money problems, or you can step up and do something about it. What's your choice?

What's in this 7 day course?

Day 1

A little intro + a few quick questions before we get started

Day 2

5 major reasons why your family needs a personalized financial plan

Day 3

A free workbook to help you start creating your families financial plan

Day 4

4 most common myths that everyone believes about their money that are so not true

Day 5

4 biggest mistakes people make when when creating a financial plan + how you can avoid them

Day 6

A helpful way to stretch your income using your financial plan and even save money on simple things

Day 7

How to finally put your new plan in action and stretch your income