What will you learn about?

In my time trying to grow my projects, I've had both success and failures. 

I've found successful ways of marketing that were both free and expensive, and I've found ways to waste my ad dollars with no results. 

In this email course, I'll show you what I know for free and low-cost growth options.

Real topics that we're going to cover:

Reddit ads

Push your content, not your service


Affiliate programs

Unbranded review & directory sites

Free content sites for lead gen

Betalist, Product Hunt, and if they really make a difference

 Content promotion is more important than content creation

Recycling content and promoting it 

Does twitter still matter?

 Waste all your money with Facebook ads

Paid traffic math

Can I even use Instagram to grow my project?

What can you automate in your marketing?

Places you can buy cheap ads that you never thought about

Targeting your competition’s customers

Finding your competition’s weaknesses

... and more of course

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