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Top 10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is taking the internet by storm, people express, share experiences and discuss their views. We even categorize blogs based via niches, we have business, lifestyle, fashion, food and entertainment blogs and probably many more.

Even though many bloggers enjoy sharing their experiences, we value are time and effort and deserve credit.

Will share my personal top 10 ways to monetize your blog

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How To See How Much Traffic a Website Gets

When I land on a website for the first time, I’m looking for high quality content,engagement, and for it to be popular.

Knowing and understanding these statistics will help you determine if that website is worth your time engaging in conversations or bookmarking it. You may also research other websites for your own traffic research.

Here are my favorite methods on how to see how much traffic a website gets.

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How To Get Email Lists For Your Business

If your an online marketer or have an online business or trying to start one, you probably heard the term ” The Money Is In The List”. I didn’t even start building my list until recently which was a big mistake, honestly should’ve started a long time ago. I was being lead is so many directions my first 2 years from the so called online gurus, now finally starting to build my list various ways. In this blog post/article will go into detail on some ways that have given me and many other awesome results…

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