13 - 17 March, 2017


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Problems with flow, structure and creating characters?

This is the programme you need to get your writing back on track.

First benefit

You'll learn how to set achievable writing goals

Second benefit

You'll find out what makes characters memorable

Third benefit

You'll discover how to stop fighting with structure and flow 

Fourth benefit

It's free (now)

Fifth benefit

You can learn wherever you are

Sixth benefit

You'll be taught by an award-winning author

Read What A Previous Student Had To Say

"I am glad I took the mini course because it was eye opening. Before the course my stories used to have just one character and although that was not what I wanted, I did not know how to change that. The mini-course has helped me add more depth and details to characters. It has also helped me to create new characters so my stories are no longer just about one character." - N. Waters

What About These?

"I've just listened to Day 2. I was on the verge of writing a fictional story, but it's incomplete because I got stuck in the middle. Now, I know why." - E. Anne-Marie

"I was able to fully grasp the concept of plot development, mapping the story and sequence. This has not only helped me as an individual but also the students I teach. I have been struggling with how to explain a concept I fully didn't understand." - C. Anngeh


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