Not Just Sharing, It's More Than That!

How about changing the way you use sharing buttons on your website?

Remind visitors to do more after sharing

Remind visitor to like your facebook page, once the visitor finishes sharing on facebook, remind people to follow you on twitter once the visitor finishes tweeting about your content and lots more.

Triggered Sharing

Remind visitors to share your content once he scrolls certain distance or engages with your content according to rules specified, this trigger is based on visitor's action.

Choose from different styles, to make sure the visitor is not irritated.

Key Highlights


Choose from seven different locations to place your sharing buttons or place them at multiple locations at the same time.


Embed Your favorite sharing buttons in between post to maximize social reach as well as to make sure visitor is not irritated.

Do Not Disturb

Nondisturbing silent sharing scroll box that reminds visitors to share the content.

Remind Them

It will remind the visitor to share the content, by an animated text popup with sound or without sound.

Remind visitors to comment on your website once he/she reaches the end of the post (including certain time so to exclude people who directly scroll down to the bottom of the post without reading)

And A Lot More...

Idea is cool? How about some sharing?

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