Take Your Bright Idea From Good To Great with Creativity That Generates Revenues In our 4 week session $200 (reg $750)

With all the responsibilities you have on your plate, it's a miracle that you remember to do something just for you. Making the decision to be one of the few that will take action today because saying yes to yourself was an important decision for you. Just know that you are closer to the finish line because you took that first step to cultivate your bright idea.

According to research adults makes an average of 35,000 decisions per day. YES!. 35,000, so no wonder we're overwhelmed. Not only is that mind blowing, but it seems that making a decision to build your business gets pushed to the back burner and kicked to the curb then the feeling of overwhelmed takes over and nothing happens.

Our goal is to help you take away that feeling of overwhelm and replace it with clarity and manageable steps to take you to "Launch Baby Launch." 

I'm sure you know that a A bright idea comes a dime a dozen. I bet you're  thinking about a bright idea right now?

The one thing I know well about ideas is that they don't have to be perfect, it just needs the ability to be executed.

Together we will push pash your fear or what has blocked your blessing and add some business creativity that will help you turn your GOOD IDEA to a GREAT IDEA

I would love to work with you to and take the first steps toward launching your "Bright Idea."  

During this 4 week session, our objective is to LAUNCH!! 

I'm sure you know by now coming up with a good idea is the easy part. We know that the implementation is what keeps it as just an idea.

Save Your Seat for your "Bright" Idea" Breakthrough.

My Bright Idea 1 Day Webinar $45

Join me for this My Bright Idea 1 Day webinar where we'll unleash your idea that has been dormant inside you.

I'm sure you know by now that it's time to wake it up. You've left it dormant for too long and it is ready to rise.