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The beginning meditator's tool box

Looking to start a meditation practice?  Below are just a few tools to get a solid start.  Click the links and get started

Whether you're new or seasoned maybe we can help your practice

Beginning a Practice

Take the plunge!

Looking to start a practice?  Here is a piece on where to start and what you can expect.  Just follow the link below

Beginning a Practice

Samatha Meditation

aka Serenity Meditation

Good ol' Samatha meditation this is where I like to start people.   This is usually a static practice, where we focus on the breath. Follow the link below to learn more


Vipassana Meditation

aka Insight/Mindfulness

In this practice we take note of all the incoming sensations.  The main goal is to watch them rise and fall.  Follow the link to learn more

Vipassana Meditation

Check out The Unusual Buddha Podcast

Into podcasts?  Check out ours, if you dig it share it with your friends!  Whether you're out jogging, commuting to work, or, just putting in ear buds mainly to keep people from talking to you, we're here for you.  You may even get something valuable for your practice. Enjoy

The Unusual Buddha Podcast 

Check out our YouTube Channel above is our channel trailer.  Take the plunge into videos spanning meditation, spirituality, and, philosophy carried out in a humorous way.  

I promise you will not see a 35 minute long video of me meditating quietly.