5 Day Wellness Challenge

Learn my top tips (and secret tricks) for using essential oils in your home to manage everyday ailments, detox your home and support your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Take time out for 5 minutes a day over the next 5 days and learn how to feel better and get healthier with simple, natural solutions that WORK!

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Day 1

Sleep, stress and skincare

Day 2

Energy, uplifting and detox

Day 3

Staying well in winter

Day 4

Muscle tension & tummy troubles

Day 5

Healthy Home & Body

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Sofia.

A health writer, researcher, educator - and a passionate Mum on a mission to create healthier, happier homes! 

Since these natural remedies transformed my family's life (read my story here!), I’ve been teaching women how to practice better self care, detox their lives and enhance their family's physical and emotional wellbeing using these powerful essential oils as a tool. 

Come and join over 7 million people around the world whose lives have been transformed with pure plant extracts, just like mine! 

What others are saying about these remedies

Tracey, VIC

"It helped break my addiction to diet sodas. I now have more energy, no sugar cravings and have lost 12 kgs since I started.''

Anna, NSW

"When I use it on my daughter, who has learning difficulties, she has so much more focus and loses her negative thoughts that hold her back!''

Karina, QLD

''It always shifts my mood and makes me happy - helps with those anxious feelings''