ParentsEnlight brings compassion and empathy to every household through Nonviolent Communication coaching and education

We bring you 10 weeks, 10 emails, and 10 mindful practices to witness the affects of Nonviolent Communication on your own family - absolutely free of charge

Reconnect with your loved ones

Through effective means of communication 

Bring positivity back home

By learning to see the positive in every day situations 

Stop fighting

By introducing need-based communication that satisfies all participants 

Stop yelling

Using incredible methods that keep you calm and present 

Relieve yourself of the guilt

And learn how to raise guilt free children

Live the enjoyable family life

You always wanted to live

In these 10 weeks you will:

  1. Learn to see your loved ones for who they really are 
  2. Learn to communicate in a way that helps your message through 
  3. Learn to hear the needs behind the spoken word 
  4. Learn the affects of judgment on your daily life
  5. Learn to relieve yourself from judgment 
  6. Learn to relieve yourself from the fear, the guilt and the shame that surrounds parenting 
  7. Learn how to raise children free from fear, guilt, and shame
  8. Learn how to gain cooperation through connection
  9. Learn to become the change you want to see in this world and in your life