How to get your next 1,000 fans

3 simple steps that lead to higher engagement, sold-out shows, and life-changing opportunities




September 18th

6pm EST

Would you like to learn the methods that have helped my clients grow their followings to the tens of thousands, their Spotify streams in the hundreds of thousands, win major awards, have their songs in movies, TV, and stores across North America, and play festivals like Warped Tour and So What? 

What if you could take these proven strategies and put them to work for you? What if next year, it was you headlining your favorite festival, hearing your song inside your favorite coffee shop, and speaking to an engaged audience in the tens of thousands?

In This Masterclass You'll Learn...


How to use the tools you already have, to build the following you want

You already have what you need right under your nose—in this masterclass I'll give you the tools to convert idle "likes" to into lively comments, loyal show-goers, and lifelong supporters


My favorite growth strategies (in under 20 min/day)

These are the hacks that are going to transform your career.


What to post (because you do have something interesting to say)

Do you want to connect with your fans but have no idea what to post? I'll tell you why the secret sauce to success lies in the time between releases.


How just 20/min a day can lead to career-changing results

All it takes is a little strategy, and a commitment to stay consistent.

I promise, this will be worth it

What if a few simple tweaks to your social media strategy could gain you thousands of new fans, rack up those Spotify listens, pull in packed crowds to sold out shows, and make the partnerships and collaborations of your dreams a reality? 

What would it feel like to create a music career you're that you're truly excited about again?

This is a must attend if...

You feel like you're speaking to an empty room—you get a few likes here and there but no real comments, excitement, or action

You want to know the mistakes most musicians are making (and how you can avoid them)

You're tired of playing the guessing game—you're ready to fully commit and you want to know what's working right now

You've been trying to grow your fan base, fill up your shows, and create revenue streams with your music for years with no serious traction.

You feel STUCK and are craving serious growth. You know fixing your social media strategy will not only boost your visibility, but your ability to see the growth, revenue, and opportunities you know that you're capable of

As easy as eating your favorite sweet treat

We're going to get straight to the goods with this webinar—no fuss, no muss, just solid strategies that actually work.

Grab your favorite treat and join me for an honest chat about what's working right now, and how you can build an engaged following in under 20/min a day leading to higher engagement, sold-out shows, and life-changing opportunities.

Yes, there will be a Q&A!

I promise this is going to be worth you're time. If you follow the step by step formula that I'm going to provide in this masterclass, you will see your following grow.

When we get to the end, there will be 20+ minutes for Q&A, so I can answer your questions on the spot about everything you need to know to get started and get growing.

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