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My training workshop '10 Actions You Can Take Now to Improve Online Success’ provides you with simple, actionable online marketing tips that you can do straight away to make your website more visible online - without spending money on ads.

Are you ready to take action now?

You can access the full video recording of the latest live training conducted in June 2020. Watch it at your own pace, take notes and start implementing!

Maximise your outcomes for the least effort

I know what it's like to juggle small business/es, kids, life admin/the mental load and tight budgets.

That's why I keep the workshop to 60 minutes and I pack in a LOT of value.

For example, you'll learn about:

  • the free tools I use to make my site rank on Page 1 of Google for 895 keywords;
  • quick fixes you can make to ensure your site is more SEO-friendly;
  • how to check what your competitors are doing online (and steal their traffic shhh); and
  • how to optimise your email marketing - and why doing so is possibly even more important than your website.

I provide live training that’s tailored to the group - I don’t just ship out the same old tired Powerpoint presentation every time.

Even better - you can download, watch the full video recording and learn at your own pace.

Shortcut your learning

I wish someone taught me 9 years ago

I've been building online businesses for nine years. 

That's nine years of experience and experimentation, thousands of hours of learning and investing money on courses, seminars and training.

Don't start your online marketing learning from scratch. 

Access my knowledge and experience, all distilled into a live training workshop recording for you, for an affordable $39.

This is premium content that you can download, watch and review again and again. The price will likely increase in future - so don't miss out!

What others have said

Anna Quinlan, Urban Built Designs

Please extend my thanks to Joyce for the very eye-opening workshop she presented today. It has been a case of
perfect timing to optimise my website on the lead up to my soft launch. I have already maxed out on my daily
competitor keyword searches on SEMrush. 
With little to no experience of online marketing and website creation being brand new to me with starting up
my own business, every one of the 10 tips was really inspiring. I particularly like that they all feel quite
manageable in isolation, although granted I can see that I could be sucked into the black hole of getting the
best ever Google ranking!

Katrina Verso, Cammino Shoes

That session was one of the best spent hours I’ve had in a long time! I have already actioned quite a bit. I particularly liked how each of the 10 tips could be done in isolation, so it wasn't overwhelming or confusing.

Asha Reech, Community Manager Western BACE

Thank you so much for facilitating the workshop. Very informative and believe the participants took away plenty of learnings. Always awesome working with you, really appreciate the time and effort you put into the workshops.

Anne-Marie Walton, KidsWantU

Your “10 Actions” session last night was exactly what I needed and I drew so much value! I love that it came from a knowledgeable and articulate presenter. I left the event invigorated and excited, when I’d come in feeling overwhelmed.

Money Back Guarantee

If after the 60 minutes you think to yourself ‘well...that was a waste of time’ then I will give you your money back.

No questions asked.

If you don’t think I’ve provided you with incredible value, then I don’t deserve to keep your money.

About Me

Nine years ago I was on maternity leave with my first baby....and really dreading the return to my windowless cubicle.

I wanted to have the flexibility and freedom to be my own boss, to be present for my new baby (and soon, two babies) and to stretch my brain and entrepreneurial skills.

My blog www.tothotornot.com is now Melbourne's biggest family travel blog, with over 660k visitors and 1.4 million page views last year and an email database of 15k. I've built an awesome community through SEO optimised content marketing, email marketing and social media. 

I've even been in a Bank of Melbourne TV ad and on a billboard at Highpoint Shopping Centre!

Having an online business means that I have never returned to a windowless cubicle again.

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