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Sally Mortimore

Banish the blues and conquer that feeling of anxiety to live the life you really want.

My name is Sally Mortimore, a nutrition and mental wellbeing expert. People turn to me when they feel like they are sometimes in a dark place and they’re not sure how to begin to turn things around.

When I help my clients transform the way they eat, they begin to see improvements in their life. They feel like getting up in the morning, are full of energy and ready to live a life they love. If this resounates with you I warmly invite you to book a free food and mood transformation call with me.

Whats inside the Ebook?

10 ways to support your immune system

We are going through times of uncertainty and fear in relation to global and personal health.

One of the most empowering things you can do at times when so much feels out of your control is to manage your health by taking charge of your diet.

Your immune system is the most powerful weapon you have against disease. Strong immunity means that the body is better able to fight off viruses and germs.

Here are my top tips to keep you fighting fi this month – and beyond.

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