10 Things You Have to Know

During Pregnancy

There is so much info out there it can be overwhelming.

Let me make this simple for you.

I am going to break down 10 Thing You Have To Know During Your Pregnancy with a video course delivered right to your inbox. 

Over 5 days, we will cover some of the most important things you need to understand to feel comfortable, confident and empowered throughout your birth experience. In under 10 minutes a day!

What you'll learn

Day 1

Pregnancy Anxiety & Your Hormones

Knowing how your body works is so important to making your birth go smoothly. Day 1 we talk about Perinatal Mood Disorders and how to manage them. We also discuss the key hormones you’ll hear about all the time throughout your 40 weeks.

Day 2

Your Diet & Your Pelvic Floor

I get questions about prenatal vitamins all the time. Here I cover the basics. A quick note: one size doesn’t fit all. We’ll also be talking about arguably the most important part of your body throughout your pregnancy: your pelvic floor. Learn how to take care of it.

Day 3

Shortening Labour & Getting Ready

In this lesson, I am covering two of the MOST COMMONLY asked questions that new pattens have asked me. Can I shorten labour? The answer is YES! Find out how. I also talk about what you need to have at home before baby arrives.

Day 4

Labour: What do I do?

What do you do when preparing for labour and the actual process of preparing for birth. We’re talking about what you need to find in a labour support person and the importance of mindset during labour itself. How can a positive mindset help you during labour?

Day 5

Getting a Diagnosis & Being Prepared

In our last class, we talk about something that a lot of new parents fear: getting a diagnosis. The impact of pregnancy hormones can interfere with different systems in your body, like your thyroid. We’ll talk about the most common diagnoses. We also discuss the best way to PREPARED for your birth instead of scared of giving birth.

Lara Proud BN RN

Meet Your Instructor

Lara is a Registered Nurse, Heart & Stroke Certified CPR Instructor, an accredited La Leche League Leader, Car Seat Technician (CPST), Breastfeeding Counsellor, and Mom. She has always had a passion for working with young families throughout her nursing career.

Lara is committed to empowering parents with evidence-based information and education through their journey into parenthood.

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