Happy Birthday MCP!

10 Goals for 10 Months

2020 marks 10 years of MCP, and we can’t think of any way better to celebrate our anniversary than with the people who helped us get there – YOU!

Each month, we came up with a special challenge for you to participate in. We hope that at least 10 people will participate every month. If we can get 10 participants each month, we will reach 100 goals for our 10th anniversary!

Scroll down to see what the current challenge is and what will happen the upcoming months.

March: 10 Flights booked via Bildungsspender

This month we challenge you to book you flight via Bildungsspender! Only 10 flights booked via Bildungsspender and this month's goal will be reached - as easy as that! If you want to ask us anything just send an email to: 10years@makechangepossible.de

Goals Tracker

How far have we come until now?

What's Next?


Celebrate 10 years MCP with us! Each month we came up with a special challenge! If 10 people participate every month we will reach 100 goals by the end of the year!


10 Fundraising Events


10 Flights booked via Bildungsspender


10 Newsletter Subscribers


10 Monthly Donors


10 Birthday Cakes


10 Hotel Stays booked via Bildungsspender


10 New MCP Members


10 Facebook Fundraisers


10 New Partners


10 Train Tickets booked via Bildungsspender


Final push to our goals! How much is left? 

Stay tuned!

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