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Pia Newman

Our world is an amazing place and I love to explore and immerse myself in it. I feel blessed to be able to live the digital nomad lifestyle. But if we keep up our current course of unmitigated pollution, a lot of our beautiful Earth will be destroyed forever. 

Every one of us can do something to prevent this from happening. Every little makes a difference. We need only be mindful of ourselves, our lives, our actions and our world. Which is why I started Mindful Nomad Hacks

On MNH, I want to explore how every single one of us can become more mindful travelers by making small, simple adjustments every day. Which is why I've gathered the 16 Digital Nomad Travel Hacks - just to get us all started. 

So glad you decided to join this quest! :-D 


Let's tread lightly upon the Earth.