Change yourself. Change the world.

Why You Need This

Because i believe you are magic. i believe we are ALL magic—no matter our status, where we come from, or what society labels & tries to defines us as.
But it's not enough for me to believe in you. YOU have to believe in the magic and power of yourself.

i created this guidebook to help unblock and uncork the mindsets & beliefs that are holding you back from being all the things you promised yourself you would be. And to help you bridge all your selves, all your experiences, all the daily magic that already surrounds you into your life as you are living it RIGHT NOW.

You don't need all the new things.
You just need to see all the things you have in new ways.

i infused this book with all my love, magic, healing, and intention to help you pull back your eyelids and open yourself to your own agency and power. ✊🏾

Because the world needs you to be the change that only your special brew of magic can bring.

And it's my dharma (purpose) to help you rise to meet yourself there.



  • Monthly tarot card (March is the Queen of Wands—a heavy energy the ENTIRE 1st of half of 2021!)
  • Tarot Intersectional Alchemy Reading (reading in tandem with all the other elements)
  • Traditional AND Intersectional Alchemy card meanings
  • Monthly animal ally spirit reading
  • Monthly embodiment & integration praxises
  • Recap of the month's most important energy events
  • Important astrology dates for the month
  • Space to write down your daily reflections, card draws, and intuitive hits. 

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