What people are saying about this challenge

Annie Kurdian

The 21 day challenge does not only result in physical transformations, it also proves that we are capable of anything we put our mind to... specifically with the right nutrition and exercise plans carefully designed for each member!
Overall it is a nourishing experience on both physical and mental levels! 💪

Elias Elias

I suggest you change its name to "Lifetime Changing Challenge in 21 Days"
it's not just for 21 days. it's a trap!
if you fall for it, you will create healthy habits, physical transformations & most importantly a NEW MINDSET forever.

Rana Akiki

One of the most rewarding experiences! 
The results speak for themselves!

Grace Al-Haddad

This program is not just for 21 days, if digested properly it changes your perspective to every meal intake. 

It changed my mindset to how I will be eating from now on.

Nataly Ghabayen

One hell of a mental challenge. 
If you really can keep up with this challenge it means you can have a strong will on so many levels. It teaches you that all the cravings and the habits are in your head and you will survive without them. 
Other than the experience itself comes results. Thumbs up for the designers😍

Caroline Chami Slaiby

In the beginning, I thought it's hard for me to make it. 
But after I saw my result and the spirit of the group I'm sure now that I took the right decision ❤️.