Do you struggle with Pinterest Pin Design?

Simplify Your Life With Pin Templates!

 With Pinterest wanting fresh, new pins every day from content creators, it can feel like you're spending all your time creating Pinterest pins! 

Pin design has become a necessary but very time-consuming part of Pinterest marketing.

With my Canva templates, you can create 25 gorgeous new pins quickly and easily! Boosting your productivity so you actually have time to create content!

25 Pins that scream "Click ME!"

• All photos, fonts, and elements are included and available with any FREE Canva membership. No need for the Pro (paid) version.

• Easily customizable for quick and painless pin designs.

• Eye Catching designs to stand out from the crowd, get more clicks, and increase your blog traffic.

Pinterest Pin Template Stats and Results

25 Templates = Endless pin designs for only $10!

Template pin designs

Create 25 highly clickable new pins quickly and easily. THEN simply tweak the photo, change up the colours, etc. and BAM! You’ve got more new pins. Then do it again, and again, and again! 

Small Investment - Big Reward! Save Your Time and Sanity NOW!

Karen Whitfield

Karen has had a passion for art and design since childhood. With a professional background in printing, graphic design and web marketing, she loves bringing digital designs to life online. Now you can enjoy her designs to help drive traffic to your blog, website, or product!