Want to make life a little less stressful and a little more predictable with your two under two?

Hi, I’m Tricia, mom to three. Having two under two can be completely overwhelming. I’ve been there. Twice.

But I nailed down a schedule that worked for us. And do you know what I prioritized? Sleep. I figured out how to sync up my kids’ nap times and meal times. And it made all the difference in the world.

I want to share with you my schedule for two under two (and three under three!) so you can get back to enjoying those tiny babies!

  • 3-Pack of the 2 Under 2 Schedule (Valued at $15)
  • 3 Under 3 Schedule (Valued at $5)
  • Customize It! 2 Under 2 Schedule (Valued at $3)
  • Customize It! 3 Under 3 Schedule (Valued at $3)

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What’s Included?

How to Use Page - This explains exactly how you are able to utilize this checklist with ease!

3 Versions of my 2 Under 2 Schedule - Find the schedule that works for your family, based on the number of naps your kids take in a day!

3 Under 3 Schedule - You even get a synced up TWO HOUR nap block from ALL three kids with this!

Customizable 2 Under 2 Schedule - You can take my schedule and modify it to meet your family’s unique needs!

Customizable 3 Under 3 Schedule - Modify my schedule to meet your needs!

Will I get alone time?

Yes! I have synced up nap times in every version of this schedule, because it is SO important for you to get some time to yourself! I’ve synced up mealtimes to ease the burden there, too!

Download this schedule so you can start thriving with your sweet babies!

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