Two-Week Pitch Deck

Get out of the bootstrap cycle!

You need a pitch deck to approach investors for funding, but you need funding to do your branding, messaging, and content.  You’ll never get out of this vicious cycle if you don’t take action!

You may think you have only two options:

DIY a quick pitch-deck: download a free template, fill in your info, and hope for the best

Somehow find the money for a full logo-branding-strategy-pitch deck process

But here’s the thing

Investors see hundreds of pitch decks a month

You may never get a physical audience with an investor... your pitch deck is your only chance!

You have about 20 seconds to make the right impression or you’re toast!

So, why would you risk NOT putting your best foot forward?

What You Get for Your 10,000 NIS Investment in Your Future:

  • Deep dive into your company: you give us the facts & figures
  • We draft the pitch and you get 2-3 rounds of revisions
  • Full collaboration between designers and writers, resulting in the exact right look and sound to showcase your company in the best way
  • You’ll have time to focus on your day-to-day, while we create your perfect pitch
  • Two week turnaround time

Still not convinced?

Rookie mistakes that turn off investors:

Slides full of long, cramped text

Crappy graphics

Technical jargon and cliches

Boring list of features

A deck that gets investors excited:

Story elements to take the reader on a journey

Visuals to move the story forward

Clean design to showcase your professionalism

Clear and simple language

Do you really have the time and energy to do all this yourself??

Think about all of the other things you could get done while your superstar writer-design team churns away in the background and gets your pitch deck done...and done well!

10,000 NIS is cheaper than hiring a content writer or doing a full-on branding process and will pay for itself as soon as your first investor signs up!

So who are we anyway? 

What do you get when you cross an uber-talented designer with two world-class copywriters (all of whom are passionate about Agtech)? A can’t-fail team that will whip your pitch deck into shape making it impossible for any investor to ignore!

Arielle has a sixth-sense for design and could even make a paper bag look professional and interesting. Driven by a passion for anything “green”, Arielle will use all her talent to make your pitch deck utterly magnetic.

Debbie and Emily are two talented writers who ended up in Israel and found their calling working with innovative Israeli startups. They don't do “boring” and can bring any topic to life using all the best writing tricks in the book to make your product stand out to investors.

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