Thinking Through Your Thoughts

Not your average journal. For not your average day.

30 templates to navigate your day to day with 

the support you deserve.

How is this different from any other journal?

Choices for You

Each page has different layout for you to choose what is needed for you. 

Creative Content

Not all pages are about the words that we need to say. Get creative 

Direct Your Day

With all the choices available, you don't have to use the same template twice! But you can if you want to!

Why Journal?

All those thoughts in your head? Oh goodness do we need to find a space for them. And sometimes the topics and things in our mind we don't feel comfortable sharing with others. 

When we don't find a space to put these thoughts, they consume us and our mood shifts. By writing our thoughts out, we have more space for other emotions and to be able to navigate the negative ones. 

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Thininkg Through Your Thoughts Journal