Whats included

30 Days of Scriptures

1 page that has all 30 scriptures to read and pray over. 

1 User Guide

1-page guide to help you optimize your prayer time. 

6 Page Journal

A 6-page journal- each page has a prompt that helps you to reflect on your marriage and on your progress. This will help you track what you have learned and what you have learned. 

The Benefits

Closer relationship with God

Develop a closet relationship with God when you read scripture and read every day. 

Closer relationship with spouse

Do this with your spouse and get to know each other better

Get to Know Scripture

Apply what the bible has to say to your marriage

No Guess Work

Take the guesswork out of what to pray for your marriage. 


Print this out once and use this guide over and over again. As many times as you want.