Leadership + Visibility Coach | Speaker | Latina | LGBTQ+

Steph is a quirky Latina known as the queen of leadership + visibility, who thrives on breaking the rules and prioritizing fun in life and business. 

She specializes in helping folks diversify their marketing beyond social media through strategic partnerships that expose them to untapped audiences filled with dream clients ready to invest.

Steph is known for her signature visibility framework—the exact framework that brought in $22k in sales from one podcast interview alone, got her in front of 6,600 ideal clients who saw her as a leader they could trust, and welcomed 1,700 folks into her challenge on the first week of launching.

When Steph isn't coaching clients on all things business, you can find her with a big glass of red wine, watching Spanish shows on Netflix, and making tacos. Let’s be honest, she's day-dreaming of one day living in a Spanish villa! It's a whole damn vibeeee.