3 Action Steps You Must Take Right Now

Do you feel stagnant? Stuck?
Going nowhere with your calligraphy practice?
Wishing that you could be just as good as your favourite Instagram calligrapher?

Welcome to me, 4 years ago.


- Brenda (Founder, typexsundry.com)

- Brenda (founder, typexsundry.com)

A beginner calligrapher in 2013, I attempted to teach myself from books, videos, and blogs, aspiring to be as good as the best someday. It was a slow climb up the learning curve.

Fast forward to today.

I still have some ways to go, but in just the last 2 years alone, I have helped more than 250 people launch into the wonderful world of calligraphy through my in-person workshops.

How did I do it?

Through teaching, I came to understand a great deal about the essential ideas to grasp about beginning calligraphy. All of those ideas are important, but there are a few things that I keep going back to because they are so fundamental and so useful!

In the 3 Action Steps course, I want to teach you the top 3 things that you need to perfect, so that you too, can start making leaps in your progress right away.

They may be basic, but once you have them in place, they'll make a world of difference in the work you produce.

That's my promise to you.

Oh, have I told you that the 3 Action Steps course is free?

Yes, indeed, 100%, forever FREE.

Daily Lessons by Email

Learn the 3 most fundamental, non-negotiable practices that will give you the best foundation for all time.

Free Worksheets

Use the accompanying worksheets with your writing tool of choice: pointed pen, brush pen, pencil, or whatever!

Make Progress Leaps

See your skill improve by leaps and bounds in the shortest amount of time, no matter where you are in your calligraphy journey right now.

Ready to make progress leaps?

Tell me where to send the 3 Action Steps:

Got Questions?

1. What are the 3 Action Steps about?
They are the 3 essential practices that will make all the difference in the world to the way your letterforms look. 

2. Who is it for?
You'll get the most out of it if:
- you've just started out learning Calligraphy
- you've been at it for some time
but in all cases, ESPECIALLY if you've never been taught by a live instructor in person.

3. What do I get?
You'll get a daily email over the span of 3 days, containing all the explanations and illustrations for the day's lesson. At the end of the course, you'll be able to download the accompanying worksheets and access the demo videos.

4. Why are you doing this?
I've learnt a lot through my experience as an instructor, teaching anyone who's interested to get their feet wet in Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering. In helping people to see how calligraphy is so fundamentally different from handwriting, I always come back to the same basic things that I believe matter the most. They are truly basic, but so, so important. My own students tell me that they are good, and good things ought to be shared!

5. Why should I join your course instead of the other drills/basics courses/challenges out there?
My honest answer - you should not join my course INSTEAD of the others, but rather, by all means, learn as much as you can from as many good teachers as possible. Different instructors may come at the same thing from other angles, and you'll always stand to benefit from new perspectives.

6. How much do I have to pay for the course?
Absolutely nothing, my lovely friend. It's 💯%, forever free.

Ready to make progress leaps?

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