Three Simple Steps to Landing That High-Level Position (& Salary) You Deserve!

Join Melanie L. Denny, Your Career Empowerment Coach as she teaches you how to:

  • QUANTIFY & OWN YOUR WORTH online, in person and on paper.
  • POSITION YOURSELF as a leading sought-after candidate in your industry
  • SELL YOUR VALUE as the brilliant professional that you are.

    About Melanie L. Denny

    Melanie is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, LinkedIn Strategist, Personal Branding Specialist, Speaker, Author and a trusted resource for all things job search.

    She has been featured on television, countless radio shows and invited to speak to national organizations and local non-profits across the US on career topics from resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, personal branding, networking and career development.

    Melanie empowers brilliant, corporate women or as she calls them, “brilliant professionistas” who have reached their professional plateau to gain the confidence and tools they need to overcome their own self-sabotages and finally take their seat at the big BO$$ Lady Table where they belong!

    Her “never settle for less” attitude inspires her clients to realize their true value and exude the confidence they need to stand out in today’s job market so they can secure the high paying Manager, Director or VP role they’ve only dreamed of.